Honor Design Co. stocks minimalistic, modern, happy vibe goods for everyday living and special occasions. We believe in giving our all so that you feel the quality and warmth *our brand hug* in each of our products and services. *If you’re not a hugger - sub it for the worlds greatest high-five!

Our inspiration comes from a young age. It all started with personalized hand-drawn colorful hearts on computer paper; always gifted to family and friends. My heart was filed with joy when I saw a loved ones face light up at my, not so cute, funny shaped heart gesture.

Seeing that same joy in peoples’ eyes when they see their projects and businesses come to life is what grounds me in knowing that this is what I am meant to do. I wanted to build a brand dedicated to serving others, while honoring God with my hearts passions. So here we are!

Our mission at Honor Design Co. (HDCO.) is to translate your memories, visions and words into elevated and modern brands, commissioned pieces and home decor.

We promise to bring originality and dedication to your project(s). Whether you own a start-up, small business or well established company; we will be beside you every step of the way as if your project was our own.

And if a project or service isn’t what you are here for we hope you enjoy and happy dance when receiving our thought out products in your home.

We appreciate you being here and we're excited to continue to grow besides you!